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What to Expect

There are many steps to obtaining a mortgage loan. We have outlined our process to allow you to understand the steps involved as we partner with you to "Borrow Wisely".  One of our experienced Loan Officers can walk you through the process, partnering with you and keeping you informed along the way to purchasing your new home.

process flow

process flow

process flow



Justin M Lee

Mortgage Loan Originator - NMLS#461680

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Glenn W Kraft

Mortgage Loan Originator - NMLS#165364

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Nathan Tusing

Mortgage Loan Originator - NMLS #1732762

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Finworth has assembled a select group of experienced mortgage lenders to handle your borrowing needs.  At Finworth, we believe in quality, not quantity, which is why we have chosen to maintain a small, close group of mortgage lenders.  This allows us to control your borrowing experience and ensure the process is managed well.  With Finworth, you will remain informed, while our lenders and processing staff do the heavy lifting.  Our entire staff works towards the same goal, one loan at a time.

Borrow Wisely

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Our goal is to make the process of obtaining a mortgage a pleasant experience for our clients.  What that means to us, is educating our customers and walking them through a process that they understand.  A home mortgage is a substantial obligation and one we believe a borrower should completely understand.  In that spirit, we have dedicated this portion of our website to help educate our clients.  This resource center, together with our professional staff, is available to you, to allow you to "Borrow Wisely".



Keith Collison

Managing Director - NMLS#174913

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Woody Maddox

Community Bank Liason NMLS # 1369469

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About Us

At Finworth Mortgage, we understand that in today's market, home financing requires a company that can guide you through the process of obtaining a mortgage loan informatively, quickly, and with ease. Our process is managed through a defined workflow that allows for us to track your mortgage closely and monitor its progress. The processing, underwriting, and closing of our customers' loans are all handled at our office in Nashville, TN.

We understand that either as a borrower or a business partner, you want to work with a company that displays integrity, experience, and financial strength.  Acquired by INSBANK in 2008, Finworth Mortgage has grown from a small acquisition to a premier mortgage banker.  Finworth is a referral based mortgage company driven to provide a consumer-friendly operation at the highest level of service.  Our growth is the result of our ability to service our clients and business partners allowing us to continue to win their business and their referrals.

Looking to the future, Finworth’s ability to provide big company resources, combined with the agility to move quickly as an independent mortgage bank, will ensure continued success.  The financial strength of its parent, INSBANK, enables it continued access to credit facilities and investor groups that are essential to the mortgage industry.

Finworth Mortgage provides a vast array of mortgage products, which gives its customers and business partners a clear advantage.  In addition, with active participation, Finworth has developed expertise in state and local government loan programs.

Finworth continues its growth with a focus on the customer and assisting them to “Borrow Wisely”.



One of our proudest spots on the site. How do you say it? ‘N’s Bank.’ A short and efficient name, a no-nonsense name, a modern name. Just like the bank. Here’s why we came together. INSBANK is a State Chartered Bank in Tennessee.  Their clients are a bright and sensible group of people who want a great relationship with a bright and sensible group of bankers. INSBANK is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. They utilize technology very well. They are considered to be among the most stable banks in the region. They care deeply about quality. Sound familiar? 

The core philosophy of Finworth all along has been; transparency, alignment, world class service and peerless product knowledge. We get nearly all of our business from referrals. Well, INSBANK is the same way. We are deeply proud of our affiliation. You need a construction loan or a great commercial loan? INSBANK. You need a great banking relationship for your business? INSBANK. Of course at Finworth, we are not commercial bankers. But it sure feels great to be working alongside some of the very best in the business. Our goal is to be the highest quality mortgage division of any bank around. INSBANK and Finworth together just makes good sense.